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The Distinguished Senior


"Our By-Laws state that the object of this Association is to promote friendly competition and good fellowship in golf among senior players. We have many people working very hard to achieve this objective."

~ Eldon Nuss
President, ASGA


1955 Charles Evans, Jr.
1956 Dwight David Eisenhower
1957 Francis D. Ouimet
1958 J. K. Wadley
1959 Fred L. RiggIn, Sr.
1960 Robert T. Jones, Jr.
1963 Richard S. Tufts
1966 Egon F. Quittner
1967 Frank D. Ross
1969 George Haggarty
1970 William H. Diddel
1973 His Majesty King Leopold, III
1974 Gordon M. Hill
1975 John S. Connolly
1978 J. Porter Brinton, Jr.
1983 Curtis Person, Sr.
1987 Fred Brand Jr.
1991 Raymond J. Forkey
1995 Dale Morey
1997 John Owens
1999 Ed Ervasti
2003 Andy Andreola
2005 Ross P. Obley
2010 Roy C. Young